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Architecture or simply building? PDF Print E-mail
We dedicate to this section the greater space and increased attention, because we believe that making architecture is the social commitment of those who work in construction ... building in itself is not enough, it must be aware that the consequences of their actions are intended to endure over time, much more than you think.

In addition to all engineering disciplines there is an overall result, felt by all,and this is the architectural result.

No matter how it was resolved the static ... it matter that everyone can have the level of security expected, related to the usage of a certain structure.

No matter what the thermodynamics solution, no one will pays attention to it, if he will be "ok" in all seasons.

But the decisive result is architectural result, it builds aesthetic sense of people, it builds, slowly, the contemporary landscape, where everything has been transformed over the centuries by our civilization.

This will inherit to all, all those who live "inside" and all who passes "out", and this is another responsibility of designer!