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Here we will talk about what constitutes the hidden skeleton of the architectural design. The architecture is the result, engineering is the way to get it. The architecture is the art, engineering is the technique.

We strongly believe that we can not separate, in a contemporary building, the first from the second process.

Everything is focused on the perennial ambivalence, which is neither ambiguity or conflict in our design process. In these pages, you can see the ways in which we have been included and resolved some high engineering issues in unexpected architectural contexts.

The architect has the pride of his ideas ... the engineer is proud to have made it workable. In this we are not talking - watch out! - to the professional categories: we wish to allude to the method: we are totally convinced that we can - indeed we think it is necessary - to provide technical assistance to the creativity, and to renew engineering with personal, and sometimes unusual, technical solutions.

For this reason an interdisciplinary exchange is the basis of our design approach, for the contribution of all that need to reach the best final synthesis.