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A seismic design

There are two main goals which are considered in this design: the first is related of architecture, because it was a need to propose a correct insertion of a volume to be added to the existing building, almost square in plan, built in '90 years of XX century.

The second goal, arising from the evolution of technical standards relating to construction safety, was to set up, cost controlled, a structural system that can comply with the legislation in a seismic "zone 4", because the building is strategic towards the emergency .

More than the technical problems (it is still small seismic action, compared with the one of the "truly" seismic zones) has had to deal with the design problem from a different than usual methodological point of view, considering also the dynamic actions, as well as ordinary static actions. About the method of calculation we intend to publish shortly a separate review, also in relation to 2008 regulatory review.


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